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We Are Boating Experts Who Enjoy Doing Business in Multiple Aspects and Being Out in the Water

We started our career in the boating industry running a boat rental business in multiple locations down under. By running this business, we were able to observe different personalities, actions, and attitudes of boaters and other business partners we had. We modified the delivery of our services in accordance to such factors we have observed with the entities that keep our business running.

We make sure to entertain and respond appropriately to inquiries and complaints that may arise. We have taken complaints as constructive criticisms to help us improve our services provided to customers and better partner with our business counterparts. We have received compliments of being accommodating when it comes to helping first time boaters with the basic ropes of going on water trips. We didn’t take any extra money from helping such customers. Instead, though, being accommodating this way has earned us long-term profits, just by retaining loyal customers. We have taken complaints more so seriously and respond with concern and utmost attention related to safety of our boaters. The last thing we wanted was to get lawsuits for not taking care of this issue appropriately, and, worse, have our business closed down for operation.

In the past three years, we have adhered to a different line of business that’s still somehow related to the boating industry. We’re now entrepreneurs selling boats of different sizes, designs, and structures. Initially, we were hesitant in becoming boat retailers. We were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to get the money we invested in return through making profits in the business. We figured, though, there’s no way we can climb the ladder and succeed in life with potential if we’re too afraid to take risks. At the same time, we have managed our expectations since the positive outcome of results are not guaranteed when people take risks.

I can personally relate to the serene and calming feelings people are likely to have while out enjoying water trips with the use of their boats. I know that there’s no better way for boaters to get treats for their hard work in making fishing a fun hobby than eating what they catch. My team and I likewise take satisfaction in eating the fish we catch when we engage in the same hobby concerned-boating.

My team and I have realized boating may not be an economically stable industry. It’s an industry that revolves more in the hobbies rather than needs aspect. With this said, I prioritize the business sides in the boating business whenever I can. The instances these situations occur are seldom.